Jenna Rose Simon, diminutively nicknamed “Bean”  for her size, was born in New Jersey, where she grew up for most of her life. As quiet and shy child, no one knew that Jenna would eventually have a flare for acting. Her parents enrolled her in ballet classes, where her dancing career quickly took off. While training at a professional ballet school, Jenna performed various roles with the American Repertory Ballet company. Her love for acting became apparent when she won the coveted children’s role of Clara in ARB’s live orchestrated production of The Nutcracker. It was then that she realized she also loved dancing. After suffering a labral tear to the cartilage in her hip, Jenna had to give up ballet and decided to redirect her focus to acting.

In 2007, Jenna appeared in her first film in a small role as a flustered school girl in the blockbuster hit, The Babysitters (2007) starring Cynthia Nixon. Her first big on screen role came after that when she was cast to play the lead role of Donna in an episode of the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum (2012) that revolved around a child’s sinister rag doll. At the same time, she appeared in various commercials and print campaigns including the “Stay in School” campaign and Neutrogena’s wave for change commercials.  After dabbling in various commercials and print work, including being the principle voice-over artist for the Littlest Pet Shop commercials, Jenna began doing voice-over work for various audio plays produced by ShadowDog Productions. Her most coveted role was in the hour long drama “Mr. Happy Go Lucky,” where she played the lead role of Dakota, a kidnapped teen. Finally, Jenna won a role in the locally syndicated TV series Dead Room (2014), which entailed her moving to North Carolina.

Since moving, she has worked on multiple short films including Lifetime Label (2014), Tiny Miley (2014) and a Dead Room prequel short titled Dead Room: Origins (2014). She has also filmed parts of the Deaf Room series. Jenna was also a part of the charity feature film Shorts4Cancer (2013) which was a collaboration of short films about a woman who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

After filming dual roles of Lucy and Arla in the 2016 feature film, The Art Of Confession, Jenna relocated back to New York, where she began developing her skills as a graphite pencil artists.  Currently, Jenna continues to work in on camera and voice-over projects, as well as being an activist through her art.  She hopes to convey messages of support and understanding, particularly to teenagers who suffer from mental illness.